BadMouseProductions (or simply BadMouse) was a former Maoist YouTuber that had a long political journey starting from a liberal many years back. Often getting into rants amongst other libertarian and liberal YouTubers, they quickly became a notable thorn in the ass for the political sphere of YouTube (back when the left was virtually non existent on the platform). They gradually evolved into libertarian communist beliefs aligning with Bookchin and more recently influenced by BlackRedGuard (allegedly) to join into the Maoist ideology.

Death......of their YT

Gradually worn out by disgusting grifts and petty bullshit within Breadtube and the Patreon-rich YTubers like ContraPoints, BadMouse preached for active practice of theory and to stray from YouTube careerism.

Sometime in December 2019, BadMouse shut down their patreon and discord. They deleted all of their videos within a month or two after, citing that they did not have an interest in keeping their channel updated anymore. They are occasionally spotted on Twitter, picking fights with ML Dengists.


•I kid you not Marx, he turns himself into a mouse, funniest shit I've ever seen.

•Somewhere along the journey, BM had an ear bitten off and became a depressed mouse with PTSD.

•Possibly related to deceased US celebrity Smoking Rat

•Despite leaving YT, BM still holds about 72,100 subs.

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