Battle of Pixelgrad was a series of conflicts on between /pol/ Nazis and Reddit Communists as well as several other pixel forces around the spring of 2017.


The Battle of Pixelgrad

The Battle of Pixelgrad

Progress of the Battle of Pixelgrad is an .io game site where internet users could make pixel art on a coordinate graph. The graph had an origin point (0,0) and expanded vastly on the X/Y axis. The player could place a pixel of any color on the graph with the click of a mouse. However, there is a timeout period which the player would have to wait to place another pixel. This timeout period was determined by the pixel's relative position to the origin (basically- the further from the origin, the longer the timeout period).

During the spring of 2017, a user on 4chan's /pol/ had posted a screenshot showcasing his pixel artwork of the Reich Iron Cross. This soon caught the attention of Leftbook, CLDMS (prior to its demise ) and Reddit, which acted swiftly to swarm the artwork and change it to a United Front symbol: Half Hammer and Sickle and Half Anarchist A.

First Battle of Pixelgrad

Though the exact date cannot be found, sometime in early June 2017 (before the 12th of June), Reddit leftists had discovered the Iron Cross construction project. The cross was still in progress with only a rectangular outline and 1/3 fill-in completed. Right-wing forces were completly overwhelmed at the top left of the flag, which was transformed into a hammer and sickle. As the communist reds expanded to the rest of the flag, it was decided that it would be split in a diagonal with the anarchists. Black pixels were laid from the lower right and expanded to the dividing line.

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