FreezeFlame22 is a YouTube content creator in the Koopaling fan community. Starting sometime around the first half of the 2010s, Freeze started his notorious Koopaling series, The Koopa Kids (TKK), which was unique with the community at that time (and still is) because, though poorly constructed as it was, TKK wasn't a corny ass drawings of a 7 yr old or another cringe plushie vid. TKK was cancelled in 2017 and followed by three improved series since then.


The Koopa Kids (Until 2017)

TKK was Freeze's first major YouTube voiceover koopaling series that was known throughout the Koopaling community. It was only one of two major koopaling series at the time that wasn't involving those cursed plushies. In 2017, Freeze disavowed TKK as being cringe and childishly constructed, effectively removing the series from public availability (though you can see TKK episodes if you have the video link or saved it in liked videos).

The Koopa Kids REVIVED Episode 53-The Only Surviving TKK Episode Available to the Public

The Koopa Kids REVIVED Episode 53-The Only Surviving TKK Episode Available to the Public

Carl and Bowser's Children (2017-Present)

After being disgusted at the poor quality of The Koopa Kids, Freeze decided to create a OC koopa series, called Carl, that would work to have a continuous, well-constructed, and relatable plot centered around the protagonist of the same name and his friends.

While nearing the end of Carl's first season, Freeze launched the Bowser's Children (BC) series. Unlike TKK, BC would not include toads, humans, the intro theme for Total Drama Island, or any extraordinary action storyline (like the Dark Star arc or whatever the hell those power ranger looking electro thingys were). This was done by Freeze to stray away from the cringe child-like quality of previous work.

Freeze conducted all voice acting for BC and Carl, until early into Season 3 for both series due to stresses on his voice and work load. He would continue the series sharing the voice acting with PopplioPower, Lilysketch, JDE, Trashykoopa, Swoldow, AzUrArInG, and DarkNightPrincess (until DNP's removal) and several others.

The theme for BC and Carl were created by Freeze. Carl's theme was changed around the start of Season 3 to include more electronic beat into it. BC's theme was remade by PLK for its second and third seasons.

Bowser's Children 1-1-Bowser's Children Pilot

Bowser's Children 1-1-Bowser's Children Pilot

Donkey Kong Island series (Future 2019)

Donkey Kong Island (DKI) is the newest voiceover series by FreezeFlame released on August 11th, 2019. Prior to release, one voice actor (unnamed) left on good terms. However, this had little effect on the show except for a slight delay and still turned out a largely positive reception.

Donkey Kong Island 1-1- DKI Pilot

Donkey Kong Island 1-1- DKI Pilot



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