Leftbook Civil War was an internal conflict within the Facebook group Comrade Lenin's Dank Meme Stash (CLDMS) sometime during 2017.


Prior to the Civil War, CLDMS held the recognition as Facebook's largest communist shitposting group and had taken part in significant operations during the Battle of Pixelgrad. This group was headed by Matt Florence, a British member of CPGB-ML.

Around this time CPGB-ML was starting to come out as a idealist socialist organization. Although they are the largest in Britain, they certainly have the biggest shit takes when it comes to sexuality and gender, to which they presume all assumptions about it in a heterosexual, cisgendered viewpoint, instead of analyzing it in a materialistic manner. Anyone challenging this in the org often find themselves excluded and labelled an idpol liberal. This brings them to stubborn levels that dismiss any self-criticism (criticism that's an essential for all good MLs).


While trolls we're not unheard of, the moderator and admin team often dealt with them quickly.

The trouble started when a notable user with a chair pfp posted an anti-LGBT infographic. Majority of the active group saw this as a troll and requested the admins to ban, however, no action was taken. Looking to gain more attention, the chair pfp took to posting more reactionary memes. Several other trolls joined in and for more than two weeks, the group was filled with constant bashing of homosexuals and trans folk.

Unrest was stirring up and people wanted answers to what the hell was going on. It was discovered that Matt was purposely letting nazbol and right-wing trolls into the group. All attempts by mods to patch this hemorrhage had failed as Matt demoted and banned them.

Finally, a fellow admin, Nizar Tarabein, had enough of Matt's bullshit. Nizar's goal was to let CLDMS bleed out. Off and on, CLDMS was archived by Facebook on a request by admins.

Over time, more than half of the members had been removed from the group. Definitely, CLDMS had been destroyed by war of attrition. Nizar founded Che Guevara's Guerilla Meme Warfare (CGGMW) and took most of CLDMS' former membership, promising better security again.

Matt's YouTube Vid

Halfway into the war of attrition, Matt posted a YouTube video to explain what was "going on" with the group. In this vid, Matt ranted about how the "western idpol" was trying to destroy the group, even though it was his cronies that had started the whole spamming that had gotten annoying. The vid got initially mixed reception but after DMs were leaked that Matt was in contact with Nazbol trolls, most people called bullshit on him.

The video is currently unavailable after Matt deleted it to save face and avoid future embarrassment.


Matt Florence the Shill

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