PLK (formerly PLK88) is a remixer dude that "just does shit" using a MIDI sequencing program on his phone and desktop. The name had stood for Prince Larry Koopa 1988 (the US Release Year for SMB3, the debut of Koopalings), when he started out as a crappy artist on DeviantArt around 2015. The 88 part was dropped aroud mid-2019.


DeviantArt (2015-2017)

PLK was an newbie artist on DeviantArt, with specific interest in the Koopaling fandom (very strong with incredible artists at that time). Since 2017, he left the cringe account and has never looked back since.

YouTube (2017)

After several prior low rated SMW sub parodies in 2016, PLK uploaded his first MIDI work in 2017, The Beginning of the End. Followed by covers of Super Mario Bros 3 OST and Paper Mario mashups, he soon found himself just doing the shit he wanted to do.

FreezeFlame22 and Anime (2018-Present)

In early 2018, PLK created a remake for the theme music of Bowser's Children, a Koopaling-based comedy series by FreezeFlame22. This remake was used for Season 2 of BC and the first part of Season 3. The theme was later edited again to fill in gaps and add more instrument; the second edition is used for the current Season 3.

PLK also took interest in anime, becoming a shitposting weeb. In mid-2018, this was confirmed with a remix of Cells at Work, followed by posts of Rising of the Shield Hero, Hitoribocchi, and PLK's favorite Zombieland Saga.

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