Prolekult is a Marxist-Leninist youtube channel currently made up of 2 individuals: James and Alex. The pair have done extensive research and work into making the feature-length documentary History is Marching as well as several other short videos and poems. As of August 2019, Prolekult is working to make a second feature film A Dying Culture.

Currently as of September 2020, Prolekult has around 5,680 subs


Prolekult is derived from the experimental Soviet art movement Proletkult which stands for "proletarskaya kultura" (proletarian culture). Incorrectly, some people have thought it to mean a cult.

Feature Length Documentaries

History is Marching


History is Marching Title Card; showing enlisted troops marching in line to war, presumably.

The first feature length, History is Marching, was released to YouTube on December 8th, 2018. As of September 2020, HiM holds the place of Prolekult's most popular video to date with a viewership of about 55k.

The film is split into 7 parts, each corresponding to a particular topic, all relevant to the film's analysis of rising tensions between capitalist imperialist blocs, which builds up the ending argument for socialism. The 7 parts describe as followed:

  1. Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism
  2. Post-War Boom/Globalization/Great Power Competition (1945-2018)
  3. US Imperialism and Donald Trump
  4. EU Imperialism competing with the US
  5. British Imperialism and Brexit
  6. Capitalism and Climate Change
  7. Imperialist World War (WW3) and the Response of Socialism

The film runs about 2 hours and 14 minutes, making it the second longest of Prolekult's videos. Despite the length, History is Marching has gotten majorly positive reviews with 91% likes. Critiques of the documentary are few and scrambled jabs, usually by right-wing accounts.

A Dying Culture

Prolekult's second feature-length documentary, A Dying Culture, was released on December 8th, 2020. As of

Snapshot of Prolekult's Discord (convo about ADC)

September 2020, ADC stands as Prolekult's second most viewed film with a viewership of about 28k. It is also Prolekult's longest film. ADC discusses the background, history, and eventual demise of the dominant culture of imperialist nations, socio-ludic postmodernism.

The film is split into 3 "acts" which are made up of 17 parts in total. Although this in itself constitutes a large amount of content, the original unedited script included parts that were cut out to save time. These parts are the focus of the 2020 short video series titled Future Studies of a Dying Culture.

Maxresdefault (1)

A Dying Culture Title Card; showing the use of a cell phone.

The 17 parts are described as followed:

  1. Introduction: Outlines the film's argument on socio-ludic culture.
  2. WTF is Culture: Explaining the Marxist base-superstructure analysis of culture
  3. The Ruling Ideas: Antonio Gramsci's concept of hegemony.
  4. Art and Capital: The Marxist analysis of art and it's role in capitalism.
  5. WTF is Postmodernism: History of modernism and the characteristics of postmodernist thought.
  6. Famine of Abundance: Argument that the capitalist economic crisis leads to ideological crisis.
  7. History of the Internet: A brief history of the internet's development up to 1989.
  8. Significant of Video in Play: A look at games and its socio-ludic aesthetic form, video games.
  9. War and Pleasure: Involvement of the imperialist state propaganda in video games.

10. Mining the Soul: Significance of data, its extraction/monetization by private firms like Google.

11. Pandora's Loot Box: The increasing prevalence of loot boxes and crisis within the gaming industry.

12. Live from World War Two: Analyzing live-streaming as a form of postmodern media.

13. Go! : Looking at Pokemon Go as a social experiment.

14. The Cave: A view of social media, its aesthetic, how it interprets the world & its political implications

15. Prince of Chaos: Trump, a new style of postmodern politics, use of memes and conspiracy.

16. The Storm: Analysis of bourgeois outlook towards impending imperialist confrontations.

17. Part Three, Preface: The possibilities opened by technology in the context of the communist view.

Short Documentaries

Bolivar Cuts the Sky

Maxresdefault (2)

Bolivar Cuts The Sky Title Card; an statue of an equestrian-riding Simon Bolivar, who fought for South American liberation against the Spanish Empire.

Prolekult released it's first short documentary, Bolivar Cuts the Sky, on March 25, 2019. It's length is about 45 minutes and covers the Crisis in Venezuela which captivated US attention after John Guido's declaration of interim presidency on January 23rd.

The film starts off describing the historical context of Venezuela from the Venezuelan War of Independence that was helped led by Simon Bolivar against the colonizers to Venezuela of the 20th Century that was dominated by neo-liberal and imperialist exploiters under military dictatorships and the Puntofijo Pact, including short discussion of anti-imperialist movements of Latin America (particularly in Cuba and Nicaragua).

This is followed with the breakdown of the Third Republic, the election of Chavez and the creation of the Fourth Republic, and the progress under the Bolivarian Revolution. The rest of the films describes Guaido's background and connection with American imperialists, the motive for US intervention, and its methods.

Selling Extinction

Maxresdefault (3)

Selling Extinction Title Card; volcanic eruption of molten lava.

Released on April 26, 2019, Selling Extinction critiques the notion of the "Green New Deal", a green capitalist policy plan to reinvigorate the capitalist phase from imperialism back to free competition (which is ultimately will circle back into exploitation) through mass mobilization of the population in a world war-esque level.

The GND is one backed by Progressive Democrats, Greens, and protesting groups such as Extinction Rebellion (XR) as well as multiple NGOs. It has a runtime of 23 minutes.

An Atlantic Tide

Hqdefault (1)

An Atlantic Tide Title Card; military airplanes flying in the sky

Released June 2, 2019, An Atlantic Tide follows up on the great power competition between the US and EU, discussed in History is Marching.

It includes updated detail on policy and economic conflicts between the two powers as the United States began to infuriate the tensions with Iran following its retreat from the nuclear deal it had entered in 2015. The short video runs about 14 minutes and ends with a chilling speech from Vice President Pence to West Point graduates, marking the US anticipation for a global war on all fronts and continents.


Maxresdefault (4)

Madrugada Title Card; the moon shining in the cloudy sky during a period of dark night termed "la madrugada"

Released December 3, 2019, Madrugada looks at the the rise of anti-neoliberal protests and the imperialist counter-reaction across the globe, particularly focusing this video on the yellow vests of France and the fascist takeover of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

It advocates the need for genuine anti-imperialist struggle. Madrugada analyses the contradictions within the yellow vest movement and its class character. For Bolivia, it looks into the background of coup leader Luis Camacho and how the downfall of the Bolivian socialist movement aids imperialist efforts in other countries of the region, such as Chile which is under intensive protests by the working class.

Future Studies in a Dying Culture

Starting in 2020, this series of short documentaries is to be supplemental to the feature length documentary, A Dying Culture.

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Authentic World War Two Title Card; another cell phone at use.

On March 4th, 2020, the first episode, Authentic #wOrLDwArthReE, discussed the satirical response of western social media towards the US killing of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in January when he was visiting Iraq. The response was mostly in memes, with both artificial and authentic feelings of the authors. However, it exposes the reactionary and delusional characteristics of the outlook expressed by the wave in western social media.

Everything Under Heaven

Maxresdefault (6)

Everything Under Heaven Title Card; a filled board of a chess game at play, signifying tense strategic global confrontations.

Released on March 6th, 2020, and running at about 32 minutes, Everything Under Heaven covers a somewhat broad range of issues regarding recent devolpments in global politics. It goes over the US-China trade war in 2020, the Phase One trade deal between those two countries, the Hong Kong protests, the politicization of the coronavirus, conflict of interest between the EU and US, Brexit, the resurgence of Turkish colonialism, the US dollar related to oil, and the US' drastic push towards Middle East confrontation.



Collapse is a 48 minute documentary on the capitalist crisis of the tendency for the rate of profit to fall that is exasperated by COVID-19. Released on June, 9th 2020, it ties in the underlying international economic debt, the destruction of the health care sector, the increasing aggression of US imperialism, bureaucratic eugenics within the UK, and automation.

American Carnage


Title card for American Carnage

American Carnage is a roughly 29 minute video essay on the topic of the 2020 US protests and unrest following the police murder of George Floyd. The essay goes contextualizes the process by describing the characteristics of the US state and the effects of COVID-19. It also explains the fascist reaction by both police forces and quasi-comissioned right-wing militias as well as the co-opting and pacification of the outrage by liberal bourgeoisie.

Future Projects

We Demand Tomorrow

This to-be feature film does not have any solidyl scheduled release. It supposedly will be a solution-based analysis looking at communism as the next stage of human progress. It also will be around the typical 90 minute mark as Prolekult wants to avoid any outstretched lengths of the feature to preserve time to do more broad content within the year.

Eugenics/Camps of Dependence

This final June short documentary is planned to run for 5 minutes and to cover the systemic social elimination of the British care sector.


•Prolekult uses artistic techniques in the symbolism and juxtaposition (placement of contradictions next to each other) of imaging and film.

•Despite having Marxist-Leninist views, Prolekult does not endorse leftist sectarian infighting.

•A recurring critique of Prolekult is in regards to audio issues, due to formatting difference between theatrical settings within production and the individual settings for the viewer's device.

180px-Christopher Caudwell portrait

Christopher Caudwell

•The title for A Dying Culture is a reference to the writing of British socialist Christopher Caudwell (not to be confused with the Nazi Christopher Cantwell). Caudwell's writings included Studies in a Dying Culture (1938) and Further Studies in a Dying Culture (1949). All of his work was published posthumously as Caudwell was killed by fascists in 1937 while fighting for the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War.

•"La Madrugada" is a spanish term without direct translation but generally means the period of night approaching dawn (~1 am to 4 am)


Mao Zedong (or Tse-Tung)

•Everything Under Heaven is a possible reference to the quote "Everything Under Heaven is in Utter Chaos; the Situation is Excellent" which is commonly attributed to Chinese revolutionary Mao Tse-Tung, though it is unconfirmed. There is also a book titled Everything Under the Heavens by USian Howard French which takes a liberal critique at Chinese growth of influence.


History is Marching

History is Marching



A Dying Culture

A Dying Culture

Bolívar Cuts the Sky

Bolívar Cuts the Sky

Selling Extinction

Selling Extinction

An Atlantic Tide

An Atlantic Tide



Authentic -wOrLDwArthReE (Further Studies in a Dying Culture - Episode 1)

Authentic -wOrLDwArthReE (Further Studies in a Dying Culture - Episode 1)

Everything Under Heaven

Everything Under Heaven

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